How to Get Free Gems in Castle Clash game

Have you played Castle Clash game? Some people are so familiar with this game, because this game is so popular and interesting to play. If you search for strategy game that is so interesting to play, Castle clash is a right choice for you. Read some information below to know more about Castle Clash and also the strategic to win the game.

What is Castle Clash?

Castle clash is a strategy game that offers war experience with kingdom setting. In this game, you will recruit knight and hero to lead your troops. Be the top and best king in the world by playing this game. Use your creativity to make your kingdom becomes strong. The main strength of this game is hero. So, recruit the strong hero to strengthen your castle and lead the troops to attack enemies’ castle.

Castle Clash game is a real time strategy game which is developed by IGG. For you who really like android game, you are better to try playing this game, because this game is really amazing and interesting. When you try playing it, you will want to play it again and again. There are so many features of this game that make this game become very different from other games. There are Heroes, Various Army, Arena, Here be monster, Heroes Trial, Dungeon, Raid, Expedition that will make this game become so interesting. Might system also makes this game is different from other strategy games. In this game, you should have high level building, so you will also have high Might. Try this game by yourself and find the amazing moment when you playing it.

Castle Clash Free Gems

In this game, you have to get gems for getting hero legend and upgrade your buildings. So, gems is really useful for you, because can make you get victory in this game. But, sometime getting gems is really difficult for some people. Don’t worry because you can use some tips to get free gems. Here are the tips you can use:

  • The first tip to get gems is by using Daily reward, Earn gems, and other event that can be got every day. We can get Druid legend and other legend from daily reward.
  • Other tip you can use for getting free gems is using Title. Title gems that you get depend on your Might. Might is the collection of all hero level that you have or base power. When you have high Might, you will have many gems every day.
  • Next, you can also use Arena and enter Lost Battlefield. In this battle, you will face other player with 3 phases and also face 5 heroes in every phase.
  • The last is using achievements. That are mission to get free gems. Gems that you will get are besides the mission.

Well, those are the information for you about Castle Clash and also how to get free gems. You can use the tips above to get free gems, and use gems for being the winner of Castle Clash game.