How to Play Castle Clash Game

There are so many free online games we can play on android or PC, but not every online game will make us really happy when playing it. For you who want to play interesting game, Castle Clash game can be your recommendation. There are so many features in this game that will make you really enjoy your gaming time. And if you are a beginner in this game, you can read the information below to know more about Castle Clash.

Castle Clash is a strategy game and included into the best strategy game in Android. Various features in this game make it becomes famous game. In this game, you have to strengthen the buildings. There are 3 types of building can be strengthened. Every building has different function. Here are the descriptions of each building:

1. Resource

There are some parts of this building, which are Gold Mine, Mana Mill, and Gold Vault and Mana Vault. This building should be upgraded by the beginner to speed up the construction of other building.

• Gold Mine
It is a building for creating money. The higher the level of this building, the more place for saving gold, and the more gold can be produced fast.

Castle Clash Gold Mine

Castle Clash Gold Mine Tier Level


• Mana Mill
It is building for producing Mana. Mana is a potion for recruiting troops. You don’t have to upgrade this building fast, cause you can stole Mana from other.

Castle Clash Mana Mill

Castle Clash Mana Mill Tier Level


• Gold Vault+ Mana Vault
It is a building for saving gold and mana. It is important building and should be protected. When it is attacked, you will lose your money. If you upgrade this building, you can save much gold.

Castle Clash Gold Vault

Castle Clash Gold Vault

Castle Clash Gold Vault Tier Level

Castle Clash Mana Vault

Castle Clash Mana Vault

Castle Clash Mana Vault Tier Level

2. Attack

Attack is building for attacking the enemy. Some buildings that are included into Attack is Hero Altar, Base Camp, Hero Base and Relic Hall.

• Hero Altar
It is place where you can buy hero. It makes many people enjoy this game. As we know that other game can’t allow the player to buy hero.

Castle Clash Heroes altar

Castle Clash Hero Altar Tier Level

• Base Camp
It is place where you can recruit the troops. The troops are Type Melee, Ranged, magic and Destroyer.

Castle Clash Army Camp

Castle Clash Army Camp Tier Level

• Relic Hall
It is a building for buying magic. There are so many magic you can buy for attacking the enemy. The strongest magic you can buy is meteor rain.

Castle Clash Relic Hall

Caastle Clash Relic Hall Tier Level

• Arena
It is a place to do expedition. Expedition is a feature for attacking other base by using hero. It can be accessed once per day. So, you will be given chances as many as hero you have.

Castle Clash Arena

3. Defense

Defense is the strongest building in this game because used for defense. There are just two buildings, which are tower and wall. To arrange this building, you have to see your Town Hall. How is your TH level? Fit your base design with your TH level.

Castle Clash Defense

Those are the basic guides for playing Castle Clash. We can conclude that this game is really interesting and easy to play. You just need to understand the guides of game, and then you can enjoy this game and become a winner.