Learn this simple way to Upgrading your Heroes

Upgrading your heroes is an important aspect of this game. By upgrading your heroes you improve them in various ways by increasing their total HP, movement speed, and damage. Upgrading your heroes can be done at intervals of every 20 levels. By default when you hire a hero it is level 1. When you have leveled it to level 20, it can no longer level up any more until you upgrade it. Upgrading your hero to the next level once again lets you level him another 20 levels. Repeat this process and eventually you will reach the highest level at 180!


Upgrading your hero is not free and has some requirements. First you must have leveled your hero until it hits the cap at the 20th level. Second it will cost you some gold, and honor badges. Third you must have accumulated the minimum amount of fires before you’re able to upgrade your hero. Fires are obtained by clearing dungeons. They will not be consumed when upgrading. To upgrade your hero past level 20, you will need 10,000 gold, 1,000 honor, and 10 fires. Each additional upgrade will cost more and more. Eventually you will reach a state where upgrading will cost you honor badges in the 5 digits, thus it’s recommended to save up your honor badges for upgrading instead of gambling on heroes.

Hero Upgrade

How to Upgrade

Upgrading your hero is done at the heroes altar and not the hero base of your hero. Tap on the heroes altar and find the icon of the hero you want to upgrade. Tap on the hero and you should see a green upgrade button at the right. Tap on it and you will be brought to a screen that shows the new stats of your hero when upgraded as well as the requirements. Tap on upgrade at the bottom right to confirm. Your hero has now been upgraded and can increase another 20 levels.

Hero Main

Leveling Your Hero

Each additional level that your hero gains will increase the amount of experience required. The easiest way to gain the most experience for your hero is to avoid using your other heroes in combat for the time being. Experience gained at the end of a raid is shared amongst all your heroes, even if they can not level anymore. Thus if you only use 1 hero instead of 5, that one hero will gain 5 times more experience, or rather the full experience instead of only 20%.

Some heroes are fragile and die easily running into combat all alone. Waiting for them to revive each time isn’t exactly fun. If you want to more easily level these types of heroes without dieing each time you can wait until the very last moment of your raid and deploy your hero, it will still be able to gain experience.

Upgrading Your Heroes Abilities

Each hero has a unique ability or skill that can be leveled up to increase its effectiveness. However this is leveled up in a way different than increasing their regular levels. To increase your heroes ability levels you need to sacrifice heroes or slimes. If you tap on your desired hero from the heroes altar you will notice at the bottom left his ability. By default it should state 1/9 and the experience needed to level up. Tap on the green arrow to reach the upgrade screen and you will see at the bottom a list of icons of heroes or slimes you are eligible to sacrifice. Tap on the icon of the hero or slime and it will be greyed out and moved on to one of the plus icons. Beside the experience required should be a green number that indicates the total amount of experience consuming the heroes would provide. Tap the consume button to confirm. You should notice your experience bar increasing. Fill up the experience bar fully to level up your ability. Your hero’s ability should now show its updated effect. The max level of abilities is 9. Consuming heroes will also lower your might.

Hero Sacrifice Slime

If you have many duplicate heroes and you want to keep the one with the best hero talent you need to place the hero you want to keep on the hero base. This will prevent you from sacrificing that hero. Another thing to keep in mind is sacrificing the same hero to itself provides double experience.

Hero Sacrifice Hero

After you’ve upgraded your heroes you should notice their immediate improvement in raids and arena.