Understanding Features of Castle Clash Game

There are so many free online games we can play on android or PC, but not every online game will make us really happy when playing it. For you who want to play interesting game, Castle Clash game can be your recommendation. There are so many features in this game that will make you really enjoy your gaming time. And if you are a beginner in this game, you can read the information below to know more about Castle Clash.

Castle Clash is a strategy game, and included into the best strategy game in Android. Various features in this game make it becomes famous game. The features also make many people feel so interesting and want to play it again and again. When you want to play this game, you are better to know about features of this game. Here are the features of this game:

• HBM and Trial
Basically, your base will be attacked by computer. If you win, you will get reward. The reward can be gold, mana, gem, and more. HBM can be followed after your base reach 3000 might. You can try HBM level A first. If your Might is strong enough, you can try trial.

• Quest
Quest or mission can be accessed fast when your Might is 2000. By accessing this feature, you will get some rewards such as HBM and Trial. If you have strong Might, you will get great reward.

• Messa
Messa is a place for facing enemies and the enemies are hero. To win in Messa, you can join in other group which has pumpkin duke. Without pumpkin duke, you will be so difficult to defeat the Boss.

• Might
Might is your base power. High Might will make you easy to get victory in this game.

• Honor Badges
Honor badges are star. It is used for buying hero or increasing hero level. If you are a beginner and your level hero (star 1) is 20, you can increase the level to be (Star 2) for getting next level. Honor badge is really difficult to be found, so don’t use it for buying hero.

• Gem
Gem is like diamond. Gem can be used for everything, such as increasing the construction, buying hero, changing talent, and many more. Gem is so difficult to find, so don’t use it randomly. You are better to use it for buying hero.

• Lost Realm
Lost realm is a place where you can face the Hero power that is owned by CPU. Here you need 10000 as your Might to activate lost realm feature. After that, you will get blue stone, and also ruby. By using blue stone, you can have hero which has 2 talents.

Those are some features that you have to know for playing Castle Clash. We can conclude that this game is really interesting and easy to play. You just need to understand the features and guidelines of this game, and then you can enjoy this game to be a winner. Finally, hopefully the information above will help you to play Castle Clash well and happily.